Video, Audio and Interviews

2016 Vasari 21: "Eric Fischl: An ’80s “Art Star” on his Life and Times…", an interview with Ann Landi

2012 Artist Eric Fischl delivers the 2012 SAIC commencement speech in Millennium Park on Sunday, May 13.

2012 Eric Fischl Talks with Students at PAFA"Dive Deep: Eric Fischl and the Process of Painting" at the Pensylvania Academy of Fine Art

2012 Showcasing over 140 pieces of art, the exhibition 'Dive Deep: Eric Fischl and the Process of Painting,' places on display the work of prolific painter, printmaker, and sculptor Eric Fischl, helping to contextualize its influences and relationships.

2011 Artist Eric Fischl visits the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and talks about his painting St. Barts Ralph's 70th, as well as works from the museum's permanent collection of American paintings.

2010 This is a six-minute artist profile on Eric Fischl, directed and produced by Sophie Chahinian of The Profile Archive. In this video Eric discusses his background and process, his 2009 solo exhibition at Mary Boone Gallery, and his Arthur Ashe commemorative sculpture. Highlights of his mosaic at Penn Station are included as well.

2010 My City’s Still Breathing: A symposium exploring the arts, artists and the city November 4-7th, 2010 Winnipeg, Manitoba - Cultural Capital of Canada 2010 The Artist in the Postmodern World, Eric Fischl in conversation with Robert Enright

2010  ART/New York #60 Eric Fischl is a painter of American disillusionments. Raised in suburbia, Fischl paints provocative vignettes and portraits of middle class lives. His paintings, a combination of David Lynch and Edward Hopper, are fraught with psychological insight and emotional ennui.

2005 "The Figure in Narrative" series paired a prominent novelist or poet with an acclaimed visual artist for an intimate discussion about the creative process. Novelist A.M. Homes interviewed painter Eric Fischl in Manhattan on Oct. 26, 2005. The New York Academy of Art co-sponsored the event